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IBM Correcting Selectric II
- Reconditioned -


  1. Color: Black
  2. Correcting Model
  3. Dual Pitch Model
  4. 15 inch carriage
  5. Interchangeable Typing Elements
  6. Half Space Lever
  7. 88-Character Printing Element



With the IBM Correcting Selectric II Typewriter, erasures, strike-overs and messy corrections can be a thing of the past. Typing mistakes on originals can be corrected as easy as 1-2-3. The IBM Correctable Film Ribbon and IBM Lift-off Tape system allows you to lift incorrectly typed characters clean off the page. The IBM Correcting "Selectric" II Typewriter also allows you to use the IBM Tech III Ribbon with the IBM Tech III Cover-Ip Tape for certain applications.

In addition the IBM "Selectric" II Typewriter utilise singe-element typing technology. Simply stated, a small, spherical-shaped typing element skims across the paper impressing characters with greater speed and accuracy. Because there is no moving typewriter carriage, you have and unbroken line of sight in your immediate work area.
The following features are available on the IBM Correcting "Selectric" III or "Selectric" III Typewriters.


· Dual Pitch Model: Choose a 10-pitch or 12-pitch type style to suit each application.
· Interchangeable Typing Elements:
A choice of over 20 available for every typing need.
· Half Backspace Lever (dual-pitch models only): Ideal for creating ligatures or correcting already typed copy.
· Sound Reduction Option: The perfect choice in sound-sensitive working areas.
· Express Backspace Key: A major convenience factor when underscoring or rapidly backspacing.
· Impression Control: Easy to use and adjust to suit each typing application.

Technical Specifications

· Dimensions: 22" W x 15" H x 7" D (559mm x 381mm x 178mm)
· Weight: 36.9 lbs (16,74)
· Dual Pitch: 10 & 12 characters per inch
· Print Speed: 14.8 CPS (Characters Per Second)


· 90 days