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As a professional writer, I was thrilled to find Batchelor Business Machines, and extremely impressed by the quality of their service and the work they performed on my typewriter.
These folks are simply the best in the business. Reliable, honest, and a pleasure to deal with from start to finish.
They are also fairly priced, which makes them nearly perfect!

Take care, Stephen



I live in Western Canada and recently found an IBM Wheelwriter 1000 on line. I contacted a very nice lady, Joanne, who answered all my questions
and suggested the Wheelwriter 1000 which I ordered with my credit card with no problems at all. I was amazed how quickly Joanne shipped it to me in British Columbia.
I would absolutely recommend anyone that wants a great typewriter to contact Joanne Batchelor at Batchelor Business Machines.
You won’t regret it!



Thank you again, Joanne, for helping me untangle our garbled “word problem.”  I so appreciate your honesty by foregoing a sale of an IBM wheelwriter and correcting what turned out to be an easy fix.  I was already “charged” for some online help.  The person I dealt with clearly didn’t know anything about IBM electric typewriters, because he suggested that the problem I was having couldn’t be fixed.  You called me to let me about something related to my purchase order and discovered my existing typewriter was “alive and well” and needed a simple code correction.  

It is refreshing to deal with a professional, who cares more about integrity and honesty than making money, even though it might not be warranted.  I have become a loyal customer of yours, even if it means we will be purchasing only ribbons and correction ribbons for awhile.




Hi Joanne, 

The typewriter arrived this morning. I must say that I am very impressed. You have the most wonderful packaging that I have ever seen. Every precaution was taken. Although the box traveled 1500 miles – it still looks good as new! Not a spot on the box! Just amazing. Better than it shipped from the factory I’m sure!

The machine is now in service and so far not a single issue – a little yellowing on the case, but to be expected from a machine of its vintage. It appears mechanically flawless right out of its perfect box. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. I most certainly will be returning to you for its supplies.

I appreciate all the time you took to make this as simple as possible. As we say here in the south – “You’re a peach!”




My “Personal Wheelwriter” was delivered in the late forenoon (apparently) while I was away on errands today (Thursday). It was professionally packaged, of course, and the USPS handled this package well . . . apparently. There’s no damage (I was fearful there may be some damage); the typewriter is amazingly clean, and it functions perfectly, as I expected. It reminds me a little of my old Selectric II, but better, of course; and it looks almost brand new! I’m satisfied with this purchase. If a dustcover is available, I will probably purchase one pretty soon. Thanks for steering me to this “Personal Wheelwriter”! 



Dear Joanne,

I wanted you to know that the typewriter I ordered arrived today.  Because the typewriter was refurbished, I was not quite sure of what to expect.  Not only was the package excellently wrapped, the typewriter quality and cleanliness were excellent.  Our staff is extremely pleased with my purchase.  

It was a pleasure doing business with you and I hope to order more supplies from you in the future.  

Juliet A.
Atlanta, GA

Good evening Joanne,
Over the past several years our small law firm has ordered several IBM Wheel Writers from you and they have performed outstandingly, to say the least! 
Notwithstanding our firm's high level of computerization, there are some functions where a top shelf, high quality typewriter is simply the best choice, and I have found nothing in the marketplace that equals, let alone exceeds, the classic IBM Wheelwriters, in whatever flavor one needs them.  
I have 3 or 4 Wheel Writers (may yet buy more) that we acquired from your company over the past 10 or so years that now require ordinary service.  Nothing special, I think, just the ordinary "glitchyness" that accompanies every day business usage of a mechanical (partially computerized) typewriter.
All machines are all still in every day service, and functional; but given your track record and demonstrated excellence I would far rather ship them back to you and know that the service and/or "refurb" (partial or total) will be done "right!"  I think I still have at least one of your shipping cartons, but that is "small stuff!"  Can you help me out, please?
REALLY  like what I have purchased from you in the past. My complete contact info appears below.  Thank you!



Dear Joanne and Ben.....

Hoping this note finds you both well and happy.

I KNOW I AM!! After taking your advice, Joanne, and ordering the Personal
Wheelwriter 2, instead of another IBM Selectric III to replace the one I've
been using for 25 years and having trouble finding someone to service it,
the new typewriter arrived in less than a week because of the weekend.

What a WONDERFUL job done in the packaging.... From the cutout cardboard
base to keep the machine in place, the cardboard holder for the carriage
and the covered keyboard and body of the machine..... Then the forms and
cardboard around it to hold the machine in place and a cushioned top....

I was TRULY amazed at the time and effort made to make sure my new machine
arrived in such wonderful order.

THEN....... after carefully unpacking same, I had the new experience of
learning how it works...... A little different from other typewriters, but
unique and FUN!!

I just wanted you to know that this has been a GREAT experience and I will
not hesitate to tell anyone who needs a new machine to contact you...

THANK YOU and regards to Ben.


Hi Joanne,

I received the replacement ribbon today. I'm impressed with all aspects
of your company's service--from the quick response (phone call) to my
email the other day when I requested help with a ribbon problem...to the
 fast replacement of the defective ribbon.

After dealing with the usual lackluster service provided by the typical
"box stores", I'm happily surprised there's still a few companies out
 there that have an excellent customer service familiar with the products
 they carry.

 Thank you so much,

Hello Joanne,
I Just want to give you my initial thoughts and reactions on receiving my order:
1)  I am IMPRESSED!  The Wheelwriter 1500 was so well packaged that I received it in good condition, even though the postal clerk did not pay attention to the arrows pointing to which side should be up when he handed it over to me!  (can't really blame him; the package is so wide, if he followed the direction of the arrows, he would not have been able to get his arms around it.) 
2)  While we have to give the US Postal Service some credit for getting the package to me in just four days (that's the fastest possible for Priority Mail to reach Guam from the US mainland), your service in shipping it out so soon after I placed my order is well worth mentioning.  Thank you!
3)  After removing the packing/protective material surrounding the Wheelwriter 1500, I couldn't believe that I was looking at a "reconditioned" typewriter.  It looks so "brand-new"!
I'm quite happy to have bought this unit from you, and you can be sure that if ever the opportunity comes up to recommend you and your company, I will do so. 
Well, that's all for now, Joanne.  Thank you again for your excellent service.    
Barrigada, GUAM    

Hi Joanne;

We received our typewriter and have already unpacked and tested it.

Many thanks for doing such a great job of packing it and shipping. We are very pleased with the service.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and wishing you a very happy New Year.

All the best,

Supervisor, Records Centre


I just wanted to send you a special thank you for your assistance on the printing problem I was having with my Wheelwriter 50 Series II.  It is so refreshing and reassuring to find nice, honest people in the world.  I’ve always tried to run my business that way and trusted that the Lord would bless me for it.  You were truly a big blessing to me today by helping me fix the problem quickly.  Thank you so very much for your kindness, honesty and experience.  I will certainly keep your information near the typewriter in case I ever have future problems.  I pray the Lord richly blesses you!  You are an inspiration to me!


Arvada, Colorado


The Wheelwriter arrived this morning in perfect condition.  Works great.  Already love it, even though I am still getting used to it.

Wished I had known about you before I threw money away trying to repair the Selectric III.  Live and learn.

Thanks again for your help.