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IBM Lexmark Wheelwriter 6
- Reconditioned -


  1. 10, 12, 15 and Proportional Spacing
  2. 256 Character Correction Memory
  3. Advanced Revision Capability
  4. Auto Return
  5. Stop Codes
  6. Justification Playout
  7. Format Storage & Directory



The IBM Lexmark Wheelwriter 6 high-quality impact printing typewriter makes glare a thing of the past with non-glare keys that help minimize eye fatigue and a design that makes it easy for typists to see the print line as they type. With a large user-accessible storage capacity of 31,000 characters, typists can create letters and other documents, store them and then revise them when necessary.


· Automatic Carrier Return means you can type continuously and at top speed without pausing
· Automatic Centering
· Automatic Correction cleanly removes or covers up typing errors at a touch
· Battery-Protected Memory allows you to store multiple pages of text for later recall and revision
· Continuous Underscore
· Correction Memory holds approximately 200 characters, so you can correct a single line or multiple lines of text
· Decimal Tabulation automatically aligns columns of numbers at or on the decimal point
· Format Storage enables typists to save up to eight frequently used formats and recall them when required
· Keyboard Margin Controls
· “Mark” Forms Feature lets typists store and recall the spacing and other typing information needed to prepare frequently used preprinted forms
· Micro Indexing
· Multiple Language Support
· Page-End Indicator helps ensure that multiple pages in a document all have the same endpoint
· Printer Option lets you use this typewriter as printers with an IBM Personal Computer or another personal computer with compatible interface
· Relocate quickly puts you back in position to continue typing after you make a correction
· Semi-Automatic Paper Insertion
· Stop Codes allow the typewriter to be stopped during reprint to change text, type style, ribbon or line spacing
· Superscript / Subscript
· Typematic keys continue typing as long as they are depressed, reducing the need for repeated strokes

Technical Specifications

· Pitch: 10, 12, or 15 characters per inch, proportional spacing
· Spacing: 1”, 1.5”, 2”, and 3”
· Paper Capacity: 16.5" (420mm)
· Writing Line: 13.2" (335mm) visible print line
· Keyboard: 96-character, adjustable
· Print Speed: 20 CPS
· Dimensions: 6.5" H x 21.3" W x 18.0" D
· Weight: 27 lbs
· Power Supply: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
· Line Cord: 2-wire
· Factory model number: 6747


· 90 days