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IBM Lexmark Wheelwriter 5
- Reconditioned -


  1. 10, 12, 15 and Proportional Spacing
  2. 256 Character Correction Memory
  3. 7000 Character Document Storage
  4. Revision Capability
  5. Auto Return
  6. Auto Center
  7. Stop Codes



The IBM Lexmark Wheelwriter 5 high-quality impact printing typewriter makes glare a thing of the past with non-glare keys that help minimize eye fatigue and a design that makes it easy for typists to see the print line as they type. With a large user-accessible storage capacity of 7,000 characters, typists can create letters and other documents, store them and then revise them when necessary.


· Alternate Language Keyboard allows you to type in many languages, such as French and Spanish, as well as special applications such as ASCII (PC) and Latin Supplemental, with the appropriate IBM Cartridge Printwheel II
· Automatic Carrier Return
· Automatic Centering
· Automatic Multi-Line Error Correction: approximately 200 characters
· Caps Lock
· Decimal Tabulation automatically aligns columns of numbers at or on the decimal point
· Keyboard Margin Controls
· Line Spacing Positions
· Micro Indexing
· Page-End Indicator helps ensure that multiple pages in a document all have the same endpoint
· Relocate automatically puts you back in position to continue typing after you make a correction
· Semi-Automatic Paper Insertion
· Stop Codes allow the typewriter to be stopped during reprint to change text, type style, ribbon or line spacing
· Superscript / Subscript
· Typematic keys continue typing as long as they are depressed, reducing the need for repeated strokes

Technical Specifications

· Pitch: 10, 12, or 15 characters per inch, proportional spacing
· Spacing: 1”, 1.5”, 2”, and 3”
· Paper Capacity: 16.5" (420mm)
· Writing Line: 13.2" (335mm) visible print line
· Keyboard: 96-character, adjustable
· Print Speed: 20 CPS
· Dimensions: 6.6" H x 21.4" W x 18.0" D (167mm x 542mm x 457mm)
· Weight: 33 lbs (15kg)
· Power Supply: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
· Line Cord: 2-wire
· Factory model number: 6747


· 90 days